New Premises: Dream Donations


We at the Dream Machine are having a very exciting time of late. We have just moved into incredibly exciting new premises. After 2 years of searching we have finally found our House of Fun!

Spanning 5 floors and over 20,000 sq ft of space, we have a lot of opportunities but also a lot of hard work and graft ahead of us. Before we can even begin to build our sensory immersion units with all the fun that will bring, we first of all need to do some basic repairs and upgrades to the building.

Then we need to start decorating! We need litres and litres of paint, rolls of carpet, tuns of tables and chairs, lighting, colourful material…you name it.

Then we can begin to build the sensory immersion units. For this we will need extra comfy seating, blankets, yoga mats, heaters, ambient lighting, speakers, projectors, instruments…

On top of all this we have multiple offices and hot desks to furnish with equipment.

All of this will be the start of something truly special. We are building a true community hub spanning across multiple floors of fun. All these services are aimed especially at those most disenfranchised and alienated in our communities.

We will be working with and for those most disenfranchised due to poverty, disability or culture. This will not only be a home to come relax, play and create but will also be a training house for people to train, practice and work on multiple levels. Everything from cooking to entertaining.

So become one of our partners. With your partnership we can truly become a safe and relaxing house of fun for the many not just the few.

Any stock that is surplus to your requirements – an old kitchen or bathroom, an office clearance, surplus building materials, customer returns – anything you could afford to donate to the dream would be welcomed with love and appreciation.

In turn you would then be an honourary member of the newest most unique venue in the city where you too could come to relax, play and create while seeing the benefit your partnership has brought to a thriving community.

Please do get in contact for any queries or suggestions. We are always available for a chat and a coffee (maybe even some cake!)

Phone Matt on 07443426187
Phone Denis on 07707430113

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