Three Tier System

Our mission is to break down barriers to the arts whether that be because of poverty, disability or culture. The Dream Machine will assist in this break down with its unique 3 tier system of services.

The Dream Machine’s three tier system will run as follows:



We are currently in the process of establishing our own service centre where we will run open classes to anyone. These will be a series of sessions and activities open to all with a whole range of services suitable for all ages and cultures. This will run on a membership scheme paid for on a sliding scale according to the financial abilities of participants.



We are currently working with our charity partners in various specialities to design specialist services for specialist needs. Currently we are designing a series of sessions aimed at those suffering from short term mental health issues ranging from anxiety to depression. We are beginning work on a series of sessions working with the sensory impaired and are looking for new partners to work with to provide quality services aimed at those with specialist needs. We don’t believe in disabilities, only varied abilities. With that in mind, The Dream Machine can tailor make itself around the needs of any individual or group and are always looking into new ways to do this. If you would like to know more or work in partnership with The Dream Machine please do contact us.



Our third tier of business is our mobile services. Currently we travel across Scotland providing temporary sessions to a whole host of community groups and events. We have provided weekend sessions to kids groups, evening sessions to adult art groups, education sessions at permaculture festivals and so on. Our aim is to take sensory immersion experiences out to those who would otherwise not get such an opportunity. In the future we aim to use our mobile arm to take experiences to those unable to leave hospital wards, care homes, prison and mental health institutions and so on.